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We are a window manufacturing company founded with the aim of offering our customers the best possible window and door services at wholesale prices. Our employees are trained professionals who are skilled and efficient in all types of installation work.

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Siegeln window and door wholesale is one place for quality window and door installation both for replacement and new construction. A family-owned door and window manufacturing company, we help our buyers in Serbia make their homes a safer and more fully functional living space. In addition, we follow state-of-the-art designs and market them in our models.

Certified installers

We are certified installers and offer a long-term warranty on fabrication and windows. For three years in a row, we have been CompanyWall's top rated company in our area by CompanyWall from London, Serbia. Contact us or call +381692262166 for more information on our products and services.


If you are interested in cooperation in the form of distribution or franchise, as well as opening our representative office in your city, please contact us by email or direct call.

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Svetog Save 6
15353 Majur, Šabac, Republika Srbija

+381 15 379885 - Office
+381 69 2262166 - Director
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In addition to producing various types of doors and windows of the highest quality profiles and fittings of leading German manufacturers, our production program includes shutters, mosquito nets, roll-up garage doors, room doors, sills, aluminum railings and genders.

Our products

PVC Windows

Functional aspects such as thermal insulation, sound and burglary protection, as well as appearance. The windows are made of class A profiles, which have long-lasting quality. With numerous other equipment options, such as colors, strips and innovative window technologies, we tailor your windows to your particular living situation.

Front door

The first impression is always of a formative nature, so you should always pay special attention to the choice of the front door when building, renovating or renovating. Entering a home has been a business card for your home for many years. In Siegel not only do you get the front door, but the whole package of equipment - at a great price. The latest technology with intricate workmanship details and high quality designer glasses characterize different models. Learn about the diverse designs and features and flip through the current front door catalog.

Interior doors

Whether for residential or commercial construction, private or commercial - Siegeln has the right door for an individual dream of a lifetime. Diversity is very important to Siegeln. A wide range of interior doors gives you the ability to choose the door according to your needs. Functional doors such as sound insulation, climate protection, fire and smoke protection as well as safety doors meet all the requirements of the RAL Gutegemeinschaft for interior doors made of wood and wood-based materials.

Sliding doors

Lifting sliding doors are an element of design and appeal in one. They are available in multiple designs, colors and safety features. They are manufactured exactly to your ideas and give you maximum comfort, safety and durability. In addition to the sliding system, which is made of PVC and aluminum profiles, we also make sliding or "sliding" doors and windows. Partition sliding doors are made exclusively of aluminum.

Garage Door

We also have Siegar garage doors that we make exclusively from aluminum, these are standard hinged doors, made of aluminum profile without thermal break, with custom design at customer's request, as well as roll-up garage doors with thermal insulation, which come with the engine. control panel, turret and two remote controls. The slats are 20mm thick and filled with polyurethane which makes this product the best insulator in the world of garage doors.

Aluminum railings

Our fences are our pride. These enclosures are completely stainless because they are made entirely of aluminum, including the anchors, which are usually the epicenter of corrosion if made of steel. The fence consists of fi50 handrails, wall thickness 2.5mm, pole fi30, thickness 2.5mm, horizontal pipes fi 16 and accessories.

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